Industrial Nucleonics (IN) & AccuRay History



During the 1950s IN's founders and staff created articles for many various
national publications
about the company's products and process applications.

Nucleonics Views 1952, Newsletters to IN's customers

Business Week June 1952, Quality Control by Nuclear Eye ... Ups Coated Abrasives Output

Steel Magazine June 1952, Nuclear Gaging Controls Abrasive Coating Thickness

Paper Mill News Oct 1952, Manning Uses Nuclear Energy to Improve Plant Production

Radio-Electronic Engineering April 1953, Beta Radiation Gauging Methods by George Foster

Society for Nondestructive Testing Nov. 1957, "Industrial Nucleonic Gaging" by J. E. Reider

Materials Evaluation Oct. 1989, Early Development of Process
Automation with Nucleonic Measurement Gages

NOTE: even though this article was not written by IN staff, the article reviews IN's history from 1950 to 1989




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